Okanagan Limousine offers winery tours throughout West Kelowna and Summerland.




There are many incredible choices of wineries on the west side of Lake Okanagan.

Okanagan Limousine takes you wherever you want us to! We offer luxurious limo transportation to whatever destination you prefer. We have divided up our packages into geographical locations, but again, that is only a guideline! Let us know which wineries you would like to visit!

Package 4

West Kelowna

Okanagan Limousine presents our Package 4, which includes several of the wineries in West Kelowna,BC.

There are so many wineries in the West Kelowna area that we have divided them into two separate packages. Our "Package 4" includes Grizzli, Little Straw, Volcanic Hills, Beaumont and Mission Hill.

Okanagan Limousine offers wonderful wine tours throughout West Kelowna.

Package 5

West Kelowna

Our Okanagan Limousine presents our wine tour Package 5, which includes more West Kelowna wineries.

This includes includes Quail's Gate, Off The Grid, Kalala, Ciao Bella and Mount Boucherie.

Okanagan Limousine offers wonderful wine tours throughout the West Kelowna wine region.

Package 6


Okanagan Limousine's Package 6 takes you to the Summerland area.

Since this area is quite spread out, we have again divided the general area into two separate packages based on proximity to each other, in order to give you more time to visit each winery. Our "Package 6" includes Summerland Estate, Sumac Ridge, Evolve Cellars, The Back Door and Heaven's Gate.

Okanagan Limousine offers wonderful wine tours throughout Summerland.

Package 7

Visit more awesome wineries in Summerland, BC!

Our Okanagan Limousine wine tour Package 7 includes more Summarland wine country wineries, such as Dirty Laundry, Sleeping Giant, Silk Scarf, Giant Head and Lunessence.

Okanagan Limousine offers wonderful wine tours throughout the Summerland area.